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Love Spell By Peaks


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Hey, I was pondering the same question. I went ahead and made a test candle with Love Spell in the Taylored 50/50 and made it red. I always think of pink when I think of Love Spell, but as I thought about it some more, red is a great color for the word love. :) The bummer thing is the scent throw was lousy. :mad: I know it is not a bad quality oil and know that many here get a great throw with Peaks Love Spell. It is just not doing well in the Taylored 50/50....unless maybe it is my nose, but I don't think so. I have tested quite of few Valentine scents that have turned out to be duds in the Taylored 50/50 (wax I have been using in my one wicked jars -- small line). It has been rather discouraging and it makes me appreciate my soy with all of its quirks more and more. :rolleyes2

Go for the Red!


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