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GM Cherry Almond CP pics...be gentle


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Ok, thought maybe it was time I took my turn and posted some pics of my soapin, lol. I've got several batches under my belt now but I still consider myself a newbie because there's always sooooooo much to learn. Anyway, these are my goat milk soaps scented Cherry Almond, with a half-assed swirl using red mica...that didn't go all the way through the soap, but oh well. They smell sooooooooooo YUMMAY!! And lather like a dream too, so I'm tickled to death with em!

Here's a close-up of the pitiful swirl that only went about 1/2 the depth of the bar:


And here they are wrapped up and ready to go:


No matter how many "almosts" I make though, it only inspires me to keep on keepin-on!! I'm just gonna give this batch to my close friends and then try the swirl again for the "real thing". Wish me luck!



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Very very nice, I think that red mica looks beautiful there and even though the swirls may have not gone all the way through, they sure look good on top. :D

Ymmm I'm smelling Jergens right now thinking of the cherry almond scent you used, love that smell. :D

I love your label wraps also, very nice without taking away from the soap, they actually make the soap stand out, I really like those. Do you use card stock or just reg. paper?? How do you get them to stick?

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Oh gosh you guys, ...er, gals! Thanks soooooo much for saying such nice things. Ya know, I was really nervous about putting the pics up because I look at everybody else's soaps and they're always so gorgeous! I'm gonna keep working at the swirl though, til I can get it just right. Too stubborn for my own good, so I can't just give up. :)

Michi -- I used a Word template that I found somewhere on the web (don't remember exactly where) and I just modified it for my own use. Prints out 4-to-a-page cigar band style labels, and I used a buff colored cardstock. Then I just cut them on my paper cutter (I cheat and print lines to cut on, cuz I can't cut straight without em). I wrap the labels around my soaps and use a dab of hot glue to hold it together in the back. So far, so good. No problems with it not staying together, and I don't have to wait for glue to dry.

Carrie -- I just LOVE square soaps. I know what you mean about soap boxes & not being able to use em with the squares though. Bummer because the boxes are so pretty! I make a more "standard" shaped rectangle soap too, for those who prefer them, but my favs will always be the chunky ole squares.

Thanks for looking everyone & for such encouraging comments!

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