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need help, lye seeping from cp soap?


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here's the recipe

18.24 oz water

6.67 oz lye

9.6 oz coconut oil

9.6 oz palm oil

28.8 oz olive oil

3 oz mac apple fragrance oil.

made soap as usual, ran through soapcalc.codoesn't come out as lye heavy, however today when I unmolded it and cut it was oozing pockets of lye!:cry2: Did the tongue test. Definitely zapped me. What do I do now? I've never had this happen before and have never tried to rebatch soap. All help would be appreciated.


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Your recipe looks fine, if that's what you actually put in the pot, lol. Sometimes I get distracted and can't remember what I've added and what I haven't. Anyway, the lye pockets could have come from a separation of the batch caused by too much heat. Do you know what your temps were?

As for rebatching, I guess I personally would toss the stuff. Number one, I don't like to rebatch, and number two, I would be concerned that I might have added too much lye. JMHO. Sorry that happened to you.:cry2:

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oils were at about 100 degrees, lye water was 110 degrees. I did read though that someone on the board uses a heating pad to help force gel, so I did try that this time. Kept it on low for a couple of hours and then turned it off kept it wrapped in the blanket for 24 hours and then unmolded and cut. what a disappointment

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