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Elementary schools only do fundraisers towards christmas, but go to the local high schools and drop off some info for the PTO, and call some churches...they host fundraisers sometimes. Also, if you have any local animal shelters, they do fundraisers frequently. They wouldn't be like the typical fundraiser, mainly you just donate a basket full of stuff to be auctioned off, which is good for exposure, and also you can do a press release on it, which is more publicity for your company. It's never too early to drop off info for elementary schools as well because those can bring in HUGE $$$$! :)

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Check at your local high schools. If the school doesn't want to do a fundraiser, maybe one of the clubs or groups might want one (drama, cheer, band, key club, etc). At the beginning of the year, they start collecting for grad night at the school. That would be a great fundraiser...my DD is a soph in HS and when we went to the PTA meeting, they said they needed $60k for grad night! Granted the school is going to graduate about 650 students but how much does that work out to per head? 60K is a lot of car washes and bake sales. They might like something special for holidays...wax dipped rose to give to someone on Valentine's Day, or a dipped bear.

If you go to church, try there. Maybe you can do a fundraiser for missions, for the youth group if they have one, etc.

You can also try YMCA, the public library (they usually have rooms that you could set up your items).

It seems there are plenty of non-profits that are looking for extra money and good products.

I haven't done it before, but they are just ideas.


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