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Heating Wax


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The way I do it...I melt a bunch of wax in my Presto pot and dip out what I need. Typically, I am pouring 2 candles at a time, so I use a empty pyrex that I preheated in the microwave to keep it from cooling the wax.

I have heated my metal pour pot (4 lbs) in boiling water (keeping the inside free of water) when I need to pour more. This typically keeps my wax hot enough to work with for whatever I am pouring...up to 8 candles at a time, if I use the metal pour pot.

Does this help?

Prestos are SO worth the $20 at Walmart!



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how much do the presto's hold on average again?

About 5 pounds, give or take.

To the original question: I always left my Presto on for at least two or three hours, before I ever poured anything from it. It's supposed to help prevent fingernailing, if you 'cook' the wax for a couple of hours. Couple of times I've had mine on all weekend, with no ill effects.

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They will actually hold 8 lbs of wax, I tried it. This is of course only recommended if you're not accident prone. Which I am not. All my accidents are on purpose.

High temps will ever so slowly discolor your wax. The higher the temp, the faster it happens. Some things, like stearic, oxidize faster than wax and will yellow. I'm suspicious of the brass spigots on the Prestos. Copper catalyzes oxidation in wax. Put a length of copper wire in there and you can get days worth of oxidation in just hours. I don't know if brass does the same thing.

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