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help me with new side of business!!


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I gave my DD a "craft" party on her birthday, I let the girls use my supplies and provided instruction to make their own MP soaps, lip gloss and body lotions.. it was a big hit... so much so, other moms are calling and asking me to HOST one for their kids... I have no clue how to price for my time? the supplies part is easier.. but still I get these things wholesale, so should I "wholesale price" my supplies for party.. and then just charge my Fee for hosting? I am so confised.. but this is looking to be something lucrative here on my AFB, plus its a chance to advertise with the "moms" my other products...

do you think it would be good just to charge a flat fee or ____ per child?

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If I was going to do something like this I would set up standard pricing based on how many children where there. Then I would base my pricing so that each child got to make 1 of each of the things. I then would figure out my cost then go 3 to 4 times say it cost $5 per child so I would set up a chart like this

4 children party cost $60 or $80

8 children $120 or $160

so on and so on these are just of the top of my head figures but I think you see where I am going here.

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What if you wore a clown suit WHILE hosting the party...

could she charge twice as much?

I mean it would be kind of a two for one...


No this was seriosuly a good idea. my mom was looking into starting a business and has done soaps and B&B stuff for a while. I'm definently stealing this idea and telling it to her...

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I would charge a flat rate for up to first 6 kids (suplies for 6 at retail ... ie. what they would each have to pay for retail kits) plus en extra $5 (?)per kid after that and an hourly rate for your time ... 2 hours min.

Hey now, speaking of kits, why not make up little kits for the kids to beg their Mom's to buy them on the way out? Or perhaps something smaller for the party girl to offer as favors ... maybe added to your cost? your contact info included, of course ;-)

Maybe directions for other projects posted on a website?

With further info re. your 'craft party' packages??

Oooh, I likin' this idea :)


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