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BCN-Pink Sugar?


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Thanks, Angela! :yay:

Anytime! Keep us posted on how you like it. I usually get my PS from ICS or Peak (they smell very much the same to me), but I'm always up for trying something new.

By the way,I tried the Pink Sugar from JS last year and hated it. It was way too musky and not sugary enough. It's probably the only FO from her that I can't stand. I just thought that was how pink sugar was supposed to smell until I got a sample from Peak. I couldn't believe how yummy it was after smelling the one from JS. Sorry, Becky but that one was just icky to me. :embarasse

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I'll let ya know. My only experience with this particular scent is from a 2 oz bottle that Scent Cellar sent to me (she's so sweet) to try out. I'm pretty sure it was from ICS and I really liked it in the batch of lotion and sugar scrubs that I made. I also found some at MC for a little less than BCN so now I'm weighing my options. In either case, when I get it, I'll try to remember to give a review. Thanks again!!!!!!! :smiley2:

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