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Making candles that look like icing drizzling down the sides question

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I want to make a candle that looks like icing drizzling down not grubbie looking. Would I make my pillar and save some of the same wax and just drizzle it over the top and let it run down the sides? At what temp should the wax be that I would drizzle it with? If this is not how it is done, would someone tell me how to do it? TIA.

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I turned one upside down and dipped it about halfway into some wax, when I turned it over, I got an effect similar to that. The wax just ran a bit, like paint, when you put it on too thick.

I was just goofing around, though, not sure I could duplicate it. I'm thinking if it didn't run enough for your tastes, a little help from the heat gun might do it.

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I've made one by adding the drips after the candle is made:

1. Dip a straw into the melted wax you want dripped on it.

2. Put your finger over the other end of the straw while it is in the wax

3. Take it out and then when the straw is positioned where you want the wax to drip from, take your finger off the end of the straw.

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