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Seeking your Sandalwood scent expertise!


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Are there any resident Sandalwood scent "gurus" out there? When I started this venture a year and a half ago, I thought I knew what Sandalwood smells like. I remembered the scent from a long time ago, and I loved it. Fast-forward to now, and I can't help but think maybe I was mistaken because every single sample I've ordered and tried has been different. 


I'm looking for 2 or 3 people who know the sandalwood scent very well and would be willing to receive and test some samples of the different ones I have and tell me which one(s) are closest to being the real Sandalwood fragrance. This would be in the form of wax melts. You wouldn't have to test for any certain length of time or anything, just melt each one long enough to get a good sense of smell for each one and rate them anywhere from "Closest to being the real deal" to "You call this Sandalwood?!?!!" 


If you would be interested in helping me out with this, I would truly appreciate it. All I would need is your name and address. Please inbox me if you're willing to help me out or if you have any questions!


Thanks so much!!❤️


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