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Trying to solve a wax mystery

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I am trying to solve this mystery and hope some of the veteran candle makers can help.

I have an acquaintance that makes soy candles. When she pours her wax, it looks like the consistency of a white milkshake. Im wondering how is this accomplished? Im assuming she would have to be pouring at a low temp and have to stir often, but even taking that into account, ive never seen wax look like that. Ive seen wax look slushy but never this thick,  creamy consistency. Ive attached a photo. She claims she is using all soy with no additives. Does anyone here have any ideas on how this is done?


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that is just being poured in a slushy stage.  Soy looks like that in the stage just before it solidifies. 

your instinct about periodically stirring as it cools is correct. Soy waxes I’ve used look like that at about 105*F give or take.

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