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Cinnamon Buns and Apple Pie Recs?


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I'm looking for recommendations for Cinnamon Bun and Apple Pie fragrance oils that throw well in Soy wax. I'm pretty picky about these cinnamon-y scents. I don't want them to smell like I've shoved a cinnamon stick up my nose lol. 


Apple Pie- I'm looking for a FO that you can really smell the buttery crust and  and warm sweet/slightly tart apples rather than overly spicey if that makes sense.


Cinnamon Buns- Same as above. Looking for a strong FO that's less forward on the heavy cinnamon and really highlights the pastry and frosting notes. Bonus points if anyone can recommend one that has those cream cheese notes (or a good cream cheese or cheesecake FO that I could use as a blender to achieve a similar result). 



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