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new here..


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i am a candlemaker, and have been visiting here every now & then...

I know i shouldnt.. but i really would love to start messin around with b&b products.. (no time for another addiction)

All these ingredients sound foriegn to me.. what does one reccommend i start with and where do i get most products from, can they be bought locally.

i just ordered a sample of bath salts and dye.. not sure what i will do with that.. i am interested in making a face cleanser, pref. for my teenager..

any links and info would be appreciated.

thanks latch

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the simplest way to start.. is with kits, most bigger bath and body website have kits with everything you need to make____ and instructions. Its a great way to feel your way through..and of course then you can move on to buying things separately which is more affordable, experimenting with different things.. and read this board... I think I have read this board top to bottom a few times over:) .

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Hi Latch! I'm somewhat of a newbie, too. This is such an informative board. I have a recipe for face cleanser to relieve acne from positivehealth.com. Been meaning to blend a batch for my daughter, but haven't had the time.


7 drops of Bergamot EO

5 drops of Sandalwood EO

3 drops of Lavender EO

40ml (1.3 oz.) Rose Water or Unscented Toner

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