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Hi my candle peeps! 

I'm always tweaking my wax formula just to see if I can top what I already believe to be wonderful. I use paraffin and the only ones I haven't tried yet are 4627 and 4636. Money is very tight right now for me, as it is for just about everyone. I'm looking for and asking - no, I'm BEGGING - if someone has a half pound of either or both that they can spare, I would love to be able to buy it from you! Just message me and give me a price and I'll pay for it and shipping in whatever form of payment you'd prefer. I really want/need to test these 2, but can't really afford to buy another slab or that 25 lb block right now. I appreciate any and all help I get ❤️

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@LilFirecracker I realize it's been some months since you posted this, but if you're still looking to try out 4636 I'd be happy to send what I have. I think I have about 3-4 lbs, give or take. It's from Aztec, labeled as "100 SP" but (per their site) is still 4636. Let me know if you're still interested. 😁

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Awwww....thank you so much for the offer, but I already ordered a slab of 4636 a few months back. After my experience, I'd be a little leary of those that Aztec has renumbered as their own. I don't know what they're doing. I don't know if they're manufacturing their own and selling as both? It's only a handful of the soft paraffins they do that with. I had ordered some 4633 from them and received one with their number on it. It was more like the consistency of 4630. I couldn't use it for my blend, but I found other personal uses for it. 


Thanks again for the offer! It's truly appreciated! ❤️

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