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1 hour ago, awnl said:

@rutlandjustmakesscents IGI 4636 CONTAINER BLEND WAX (J-50)
Soft and creamy, this low-shrink blend is designed specifically for paraffin container candles. This blend was formerly known as Astorlite J-50. Several companies sell this wax. Hope this helps

do you have any you want to get rid of?

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16 hours ago, rutlandjustmakesscents said:

Hi! Does anyone have any J50 Wax from like Missy’s when it was a thing? Or just the J50 Wax in general? I wanna get some but cheaper than online and I like the J50 better than the paraffin I have been using!

I used the J50 years ago and don't have any left but TCMS has it which is also in OH so shipping shouldn't be too much?


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