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Candle throw from another angle

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How does one know if they have the right Fragrance percentage?

You can work to create a candle with a great hot throw.

But I don't want it to be too over powering.

You can do tests with differing amount of fragrance

In a small room it might be overpowering.

In a large room it might get lost.

What's too much is subjective I know.

But you have to start somewhere

What is a good sized room to plan for?

This will help me back into the right fragrance percentage.
I am working with a 12oz 3.75" single wick sized candle.

I don't expect it to fill the whole house.

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This is an excellent question! 

humbly, I say make what YOU like, and market from there.  Personally, if I can taste a fragrance in the air it is offputting. Many love that strong of a scent, but others find it sickening. If you make what you love, you will be burning the unsold, so ya better like it. 

I typically burn in bathrooms, bedrooms and open concept type living room.  Kitchen I lean toward melters.

I’m really curious about others now!

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I sell only mason jar candles, and I test in a 1300 sq ft space.  If it fills the space, I consider it a success.  I don't tinker with percentages. I use 6% FO for everything, and if a FO doesn't throw, it gets ditched.  I feel like you just kinda have to work things out to your own satisfaction.

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