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Home interior décor has gained immense popularity in recent years. People are investing a considerable amount of money and time to make their residence a living paradise. Interior designing is an art and science that not only enhances the beauty of a home but also promotes a healthy living environment. It makes the aura of the house more aesthetically pleasing.

Candles are the easiest way to decorate the interiors of your home and yet give it an elegant look. Candles can light up the aura of your house in an instant and make your living space feel more peaceful.


The prototype of candles was a hole hollowed out in a stone and filled with fat. Such lamps were known 20 thousand years ago. The first mention of candles dates back to the 1st millennium BC. Ancient candles were vessels with fat or oil into which a piece of cloth or a sliver was inserted as a wick.

In the 15th century, beeswax was more commonly used to make candles. Wax candles burned brighter, longer, did not smoke as much but were very expensive. Therefore, only very wealthy people and the church could afford them.

In the 18th century, with the development of whaling, spermaceti (a white waxy substance produced by the sperm whale), a substance extracted from the upper part of the head of cetaceans, were used to make candles. Spermaceti burned so brightly that candles made from it were the standard for measuring light intensity in applied optics.

In the 19th century, Carl von Reichenbach discovered paraffin. This wax is still the most popular material for making candles. With the introduction of widespread electrical power, the significance of candles acquired a purely decorative or ritual character.


Household Candles – Every house has household candles made of unpainted purified paraffin. These candles are designed for everyday use and are great for emergency use.

Household Candle

Candles in Jars – The majority of candles in jars are made from soy wax and essential oils for the purpose of not only enjoying them as traditional candles but having an additional therapeutic component to them, as well.

soy candle collection in matte jar


Tealight candles – A tealight is a candle in a thin metal or plastic cup so that the candle can liquefy completely while lit. They are typically small, circular, usually wider than their height and inexpensive. Tealight candles derive their name from their use in teapot warmers but are also used as food warmers in general. Tealights are also used in aroma lamps and decorative lanterns.


Floating candles – A floating candle is a candle that when placed in water displaces more water by weight than the weight of the candle. So when it's placed in water it floats. However, not every candle can float. These candles are usually made in a round shape that allows them to float evenly where placed. Floaters can be used in the bathroom or transparent vases with water for decoration.


Floating Candles Round


Beeswax candles  Beeswax candles are candles made from wax that is produced by honeybees. They come in many different forms – rolled, hand-dipped, molded and are a completely natural product. Beeswax candles are non-toxic and chemical-free and are said to improve indoor air quality.


benefits of beeswax candles


Gel candles – Gel candles are made from a special gel that can be bought at craft stores. The gel itself does not hold its shape, so candles are always in transparent glasses, vases, glasses and look spectacular next to other light sources. The gel can be transparent, colored, and flavored. And inside there can be anything: from notes and shells to flower arrangements and figurines.


DIY candle decoration interior décor with candles


Scented candles  Scented candles are made using essential oils or candle fragrances. They come with the smell of fruits, herbs, flowers or whole compositions. Scented candles can help you relax, feel calm, energized, and put your mind in a more productive mode.


Scented Candles


The variety of shapes and colors of decorative candles is amazing. Every crafted candle is a piece of art! Sometimes it’s a pity to burn such candles as they look so beautiful and complement the interior.



Candles “love” the fireplace zone - there is a real fire, and safety is much higher. Especially if the fireplace is decorative. If you don’t have a fireplace, decorate your living room with beautiful candlesticks of different heights: together they will create a cozy atmosphere in the living room.


Living room decor with pillar candles interior décor with candles


candles in a living room interior décor with candles interior décor with candles



The warm candlelight in the bedroom will set the right mood before bed. Remember safety though: pillows, blankets and textiles are flammable. Decorative lanterns for candles will come in handy here.


Bedroom decoration with candle holder Bubble cube candle in bedroom


Pillar candle in bedroom table Pillar candles in glass



Candles in the kitchen can be a temporary decoration for a special occasion - a new year, a festive feast, a romantic dinner or can be a permanent décor. Such compositions are easy to make with your own hands. Use bottles of different shapes and colors, cereals, spices, herbs and vegetables and fruits, in general, everything that will look organic in the kitchen.


Home interior décor with different candles  Home interior décor with different candles



Many associate candles with romance in the bathroom. Pleasant twilight, warm water, fragrant foam... By the way, the bathroom is the safest room for candles, and tealight candles or floating candles burn right in the water!

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