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Candles are an attribute of romance and love. To decorate a wedding with candles will increase the intimacy of the atmosphere, set in a romantic mood, regardless of where the wedding ceremony is held. The soft light of candles gives a sense of solemnity and significance to the event.

Candles of original colors and/or shapes create an atmosphere of joy and fun. They can be used in combination with flowers, or on their own as part of wedding décor. Large and small candelabras in the interior of the wedding hall look luxurious. Candelabras come in many shapes and styles. Candles arranged along the ledges on the stairs, on the table, or placed in the form of a lantern are inexpensive, but very exquisite wedding decorations. You can also consider placing candles in front of mirrors: the reflection of the flame from the candles multiplied many times creates a truly fabulous atmosphere.

The most popular solution is to decorate the wedding hall with white candles, but with the right approach, colored candles will create a special mood and can complement the chosen color scheme in decorating the wedding banquet hall.


Wedding candle decor



The tradition of decorating the hall with candles is very romantic and beautiful, but we must not forget about safety and arrange the candle decorations in a way they don’t harm the surrounding. Keep candles away from ribbons, cloth, and other flammable items. Protect surfaces from heat, and dripping candle wax. Arrange candles away from aisles and other places where guests will walk the most and, of course, place candles away from the bride.

Keep in mind that the bride's dress usually requires more space than the casual wear of other guests and invitees, so all candles should be properly placed. Finally, make sure all candles are kept away from children. By following these simple rules, you will create an atmosphere of fabulousness and romance with the help of candles.


There are countless ways to incorporate candles of all shapes and sizes into your wedding décor. Set the mood with these new and gorgeous ideas for your wedding candle decorations.


Perhaps the most classic of candle holders, votive candles work beautifully for a variety of wedding themes. For the couple that prefers a sleek and complimentary wedding centerpiece, consider placing a few at the center of each reception table.


Votive Candle Centerpieces



Votive Candle Centerpieces for wedding decoration Votive Candle Centerpieces for wedding wedding table Votive Candle Centerpieces



Dazzle guests at your wedding reception with a plethora of hanging tealight candles. Place each in a small votive that can be hung from tree branches by ribbon or twine.


hanging candles in glass for wedding decoration wedding décor with tealight candles tealight candles to decorate a wedding


tealight candles for wedding design tealight candles design ideas for wedding decoration hanging tealight candles for wedding decor


Wedding decoration with hanging tealight candles   Hanging Round Glass Candle Holder Wedding Decoration Centerpieces



Wedding aisle decorations span from florals, to ribbon, to scattered rose petals. Light your way down the aisle by placing candles on either side, at every other row. Larger pillar candles will catch the eyes of all of your loved ones.

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