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What did I get myself into?

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I have been wanting to make a few candles for my personal use for the longest. I finally pulled the trigger and bought a starter kit with soy wax and the basics such as  pouring pot etc etc. I like to read the different posts and after reading about wax, wicks and finding the right wax/wick combo before adding the fragrance oils, Im starting to think I may have biten off more than I can chew. I really do not know the first thing about candle making. The only good thing I would say is that I am a fast learner and try to learn by others mistakes so that may help me as I walk blindly through the world of candle making. LOL Im starting to doubt my decision as I read through all of the different aspects of candle making and how complex it actually is.  If anyone would have any advice before I start this journey that may help me make one less mistake ( mistakes will start eating up my wallet), then please enlighten me. I feel foolish asking some of the basic questions after reading the comments from some of the pros on this forum because ! I know so little. Are there any videos or online courses that I should take besides just reading all of the helpful info on various candle sites before I attempt the art of candle making?

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We were all in the same starting position at one time (or many as we learn new waxes!).


i would start by following the instructions with the kit and take detailed notes. If something doesn’t turn out as expected, adjust, and take notes. 😊


learning the base wax is a great idea, as long as you know which soy wax is in the kit. All brands and blends of soy can differ quite a bit. The more you learn and take notes, the faster you will progress. 

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Some of those kits are kind of vague. But follow the instructions and try making some candles with the kit. You will learn procedure.

Candle Science has good tutorials. You tube has several candle making tutorials of various degrees of good to terrible.

Also when you post here, you need to give us name of wax you are working with (kits may not include name of wax and wick types)

Parrafin candles and soy candle burn differently.




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It sounds like you're more worried about time and money - the rest of it is just research and doing it.


Time, set yourself realistic milestones.

I started a month ago and I don't expect to get my first real product out for another month or two.

Every other day I'm trying to make at least 6-10 candle tests and other days I'm working on the business side of things.

I think you could get away with testing/experimenting/business with 20 hours a week if you want your first product within 2-3 months.


Candle making and testing is fun and I estimate it should take 50% of your initial time with 50% on preparing the product, business and marketing.

Once you have a product that is selling candle making will be a bit more "on rails" and go down to 10-20% of your time.


Money, set your monthly limits and line that up with your time.

The cost to entry in candle making is relatively cheap.

To get through testing and to make a good candle I'm estimating just 500 USD - this includes basic equipment. Don't buy anything expensive or in large quantities yet.

For my first real batch I'll use the same equipment and spend up to about 300 USD and then see if they sell.



So far I've gotten a single 250ml candle down to about 2.55 USD including glass, excluding packaging and shipping.

I want to "go to market" with at least four different scents and a stock of 10, so about 40 candles in total.

Meaning with a bit of padding I'll have stock costing about 150 USD and I have a remaining 150 USD for some basic marketing (which isn't a lot).


Anyway, I'm rambling but I hope this helps as I'm just starting this journey myself.





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