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Wax suggestions for molds

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Hello, im looking for suggestions on a wax to use in silicone molds. The mold in the pictures was made with BW 921. It burns fine but doesn't have a good hot or cold throw. For the most part its ok because the 464 in the bottom smells really good but was hoping to find something that might work better.  Any suggestions would be appreciated! 20220519_075139.thumb.jpg.90dfe494930121fe1bf4ae46dab64e95.jpg20220518_170608.thumb.jpg.edb4d696c88d748782ff820ebc3e58ac.jpg

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Anything you add will change the wicking needed for that portion of the candle, which will also impact the lower portion of the candle. You could try a tiny amount of paraffin, coconut or similar wax to minimize the brittleness of the 464. 


you may want to try different pouring temps or possibly lubing the molds to make removal a bit easier. 

Mixing waxes adds a huge level of complexity in that variable. 

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2 hours ago, Lynnann81 said:

I will try again with straight 464, and spray the mold. Would lowering the fragrance load on the mold help?

Hard to say.  Pouring temps with soy usually matter quite a bit, along with spraying the mold with release.

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Wondering why you are not getting good HT with the BW921?  We have been testing it for over a year now and it is working just fab with all of our scents.  Can I ask how you are creating the kitty piece?  Temps, fo amounts, etc? 


I do also agree that having two different waxes cold affect your wicking.



And I LOVE you kitty cat!  SO cute and fits in there just perfectly!  I love putting things on the top of my candles.  And I think it looks pretty cool as the colored dye starts to leach into the piece.

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