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Aroma candles used properly can not only create a cozy atmosphere in the house but also affect the emotional state of a human. You probably experienced an old pleasant or unpleasant memory triggered by a familiar odor you'll appreciate the power of the sense of smell and its relationship to memory and emotion. An odor stimulates chemoreceptors in the nose which pass these sensations on to the brain through electrical impulses. The brain then interprets the received signals translating them into specific odors and thus helping us to identify and subsequently recognize certain smells.


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It can be quite difficult to draw a clear line between aromatherapy and smell psychology. Aromatherapy is one of the methods of alternative medicine, which uses essential oils obtained mainly from plants. The main task of aromatherapy is to relax the body and relieve pain symptoms. While smell psychology includes the basic principles of aromatherapy and psychology, which together allow you to achieve a quick and desired result. And the main task of the smell psychology is to determine the psychological and somatic state of a person with the help of natural essential oils.


Any essential oil has its own unique composition and unique therapeutic properties that are difficult to reproduce in the laboratory.

The impact of essential oils on a person occurs at three levels: psycho-emotional, therapeutic and molecular.

For example, a wonderful sweet orange essential oil stimulates the protective functions of the physical body, prevents gaining weight (which is why it is often used in anti-cellulite products), relieves eye strain, has a mild choleretic agent effect, and is antipyretic. It would seem that it is a wonderful oil with a delightful smell, but there are people who cannot stand the smell of orange or are completely indifferent to it. And why is that? The fact is that on the psycho-emotional plane, the orange is responsible for the balance between emotions and lack of self-control.


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