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What are your candle prices?

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Hi Guys!

I have a neighbor that wants to order some pillar candles from me. So far I've just been making them for myself and family etc...

So what do you guys charge for a :

3" x 3.5" Pillar ?

3" x 6.5" Pillar ?

3" x 9.5" Pillar ?

Also... do you charge different prices on whether it's a Mottle, Rustic, Smooth or Multi Colored etc...?

Also pricing on:

15oz. Apoth Jar

6 oz. Tin

2 oz. Votives

1 oz. Tart



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My costs will probably differ from yours dependent on how much bulk stuff you get. You should keep track of what it costs you to make your stuff and base your price from there. Mark ups are usually 3 to 4 times your expense for retail, though some may go up to 5x.

I don't separate my costs from mottles or rustics or regular or marbles etc., because my market won't pay the differences. Others charge more.

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I don't do pillars, but I suscribe to the "add cost and multiply by 4" routine. I also tack on more to the price, if I can get away with it. I don't buy a lot in bulk, but I can get some things locally and that brings down my cost. Plus, my area allows for higher prices on candles, so I can charge more for my containers, etc. A $1 an ounce is also a good measure of where you should be price-wise. If your costs are so high that you can't charge that, you should look at buying in bulk. Of course, some things are harder to charge more for and the area you live in will largely dictate what you can charge too.

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