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Has anyone tried this wax? Thoughts? There has to be better out there . I feel like I have tried all there is three times and looking for a better throw. Maybe I am asking for too much?

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 when I started it was too easy. Like throw anything together and you’d have a halfway decent candle.  The learning curve and cost of experimenting were pretty low.

we’ve all been focusing on crappy wax, but a really a big variable is the quality of fragrances sold through most common retailers.  I pulled out a 10+ Year old  bottle of an English Garden FO from Peak and added 6% to an otherwise unremarkable wax and it was a fantastic candle from top to bottom.  The same FO made today would not perform anywhere near as well. 

Fragrances changed drastically prior to the soy wax debacle of 2016 from which we have not yet recovered. The market demand to reformulate in order to remove phthalates caused the first wave of trouble,


The problems were compounded when three separate, but closely timed aromachemical supply labs overseas burned in 2017-2018. It started with BASF (a world leader in the manufacture of fine fragrances). Citrus components became unavailable over night. 

soon after nearly 2 dozen Chinese chemical companies were closed for environmental pollution issues. cue the chaos for raw materials.

April 2018 another fire claimed an India based aromachemical manufacturer. I read of another in indianabout this time but can’t recall exactly when.

What we’ve been facing economically is the drive for fragrance retailers to keep retail prices attractive for a target market of candle makers wanting to pay  $20 per lb or so. If you’ve never bought from a lab directly, pricing varies by concentration and formulation.  You’re not getting the same concentration or rich raw materials retail for that price point in today’s dollars.

in short, we’re all chasing the same ghost.  How do we get killer throw with lackluster ingredients? We would all need to band together to demand it, but that won’t happen as too many new customers are happy as can be to pour 12%+ FO into wax to get throw 🤷🏻‍♀️. That comes at a price out of the wallet and in performance. 

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C-55 coconut tart wax?   Yes, I've tried it and found it it works well with many fragrances but not all.  It doesn't throw quite as strong as paraffin wax(at least not the paraffin wax I've used before in candle melts), but still good.   I do allow it to cure for 2 weeks before testing scent throw.

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