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Romance under candlelight. which candles to use?

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The décor for a romantic evening is never complete without candlelight. Candles are a versatile decorating tool for creating a warm atmosphere at the table and at home.

The meeting of two lovers is always filled with tenderness and passion, it carries some kind of mystery in it. Candles are not just decorations for a romantic evening, they are also vital assistants in creating the right mood. When the candles are lit, and the room plunges into soft twilight, it is difficult to resist the temptation and emotions. That's why the décor for a romantic evening is never complete without candlelight. No matter how tasty the dinner is, or the music relaxing, it is quite difficult to create an intimate atmosphere in bright light. Candles, placed on the table and around the room, will certainly add mystery to the atmosphere, bring harmony and kindle passion between lovers. But in order for the atmosphere to fully match the mood, it is important to choose the right candles, their location, and create original compositions with them.




Beautiful candle containers for floor candles add even more charm to the setting


candles on the floor for candlelight


Classic wide-shaped candles of different heights


romance and pillar candles


Floating candles with flowers and balls will make the evening magical


floating candles in the glass


Candlelight in the bedroom will add romance and mystery to the space.


evening with candlelight


Hanging flask style candle containers for garden decoration


candles for garden décor


The décor of ordinary glass with a candle in a romantic style


romantic candle decorations



To better decorate a romantic evening, it is best to pay attention to candles like:

  • Scented candles
  • Floating candles
  • Classic candles

Candle advice! When choosing candles for a romantic evening, make sure that they do not emit harmful fumes, and the smell is not annoying.

One of the easiest ways to decorate a candlestick is with flowers and beads.

Candles should harmoniously fit into the décor, and emphasize the interior of the room and the surrounding objects (tablecloth, cutlery, flowers). Therefore, it is important to pay attention to their color. Neutral shades of white, passionate reds, and delicate pinks are best suited for a romantic evening. But this does not mean that other colors should be avoided, it all depends on the situation: blue, gold, green and even black candles will also fit perfectly into the atmosphere of love and passion.


Scented candles are the most commonly used for a romantic evening. With their help, you can simultaneously immerse the room in a mysterious twilight and fill it with alluring aromas. To create an intimate candlelight atmosphere, consider the following scents:

  • Floral - rose, peony, freesia, and jasmine. They will lift your spirits and relax.
  • Spices - ylang-ylang, neroli (flowers of the Seville orange), sandalwood, cinnamon, patchouli. These scents are energizing.

Scented candle Advice! Both partners should like the aroma, otherwise, it will cause unpleasant associations.

Natural aphrodisiac added to the scented candle

You can arrange candles with different scents around the room, but they should be well combined with each other. There are also ready-made perfume compositions suitable for a particular occasion.


To achieve the desired result, it is best to create decorative compositions with floaters:

  • Fill the container with water and dip a few candles into it. Their reflection in the water and the glare of the flame will create an atmosphere of mystery. You can also add flower buds or petals, or shells to the water.

A transparent bowl with flowers and candles is the perfect solution for a romantic evening.

  • Make fruit candle holders. Apples, lemons, and oranges are suitable for this.

Floating candles of different shapes in small bowls is another idea to decorate the table.

  • Arrange several candles side by side, putting some décor between them - beads, flower petals, cinnamon sticks, beautiful pebbles, etc. Many candles can be placed on shelves, and tables: they will look nice on the floor and window sill as well.

Small candles placed around the room will help make the evening fabulous.

  • Use glasses as candle holders. You can turn them over by placing a candle on the bottom and filling the container with flower petals, ribbons, etc.

It’s an original idea of creating a romantic atmosphere

Floating candle advice! When creating candle compositions, be careful not to use flammable items.



Classic paraffin or wax candles are a versatile option for a romantic evening. They can be of any shape, color, or size.

Romantic atmosphere with floor candles in wide glass containers

Classic long candles are suitable for a romantic dinner if you put them on the table. As candlesticks, you can use beautiful wine bottles of various shapes, making up a whole composition from them.

Gold-painted bottles will replace traditional candlesticks

Pillar candles, designed for several hours of burning, can be placed throughout the room, marking several levels. These candles do not require candlesticks. It will be interesting to look at large floor candles with several wicks, their base can be additionally tied with ribbons, and decorated with flowers.

Pillar candle advice! A good solution would be to use a variety of candles that differ in width, height, and color.

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