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Wick Yield


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I need help determining which wick would work best. The manufacturer is fil-tec and there's no jar size chart recommendations for these wicks instead it's based on melt pool, wick yield, ect. I don't have any knowledge of this and I'm confused. I've picked wicks based on diameter of jar which is 3" and I'm using a coconut soy blend wax with small amount of paraffin. Based on your knowledge what would be the ideal wick yield, or melt pool, rate of consumption  ect.

Thank you


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the Yield is just how many feet of wick in a pound of spool. It really doesn’t matter when considering the burn.  It is only useful to figure out how many cut wicks you can make from a weight of raw spool.


as for how to pick one for your candle, that’s the real question, and it is a bit less simple to figure out.  I purchased the entire line of both Ultra Core and Rigid Curl in test packs once offered by FIL Tec.  Not sure if you can still buy them or not. 

Neither line is a magic bullet for any blend, including coconut blends. You need to test your exact wax, fragrance and container to find one that “might” work.  Don’t shoot for a size to give a full melt pool with typical coconut waxes. 

the melt pool sizes on the wick charts are usually based on a 140*F paraffin wax test. I’d need to double check the tech specs on FIL tec tests.  Those charts DO NOT shoot for full melt pool candles like home candle makers are being conditioned to aim for. Full melt pools, especially at the top of a candle, lead to container temperatures that will exceed UL and IFRA limits (which will fail safety testing).

I found that the RC work in some cases, others not. It comes down to exactly what is in your jar, and what that jar is. The sizes top out kind of small, so anything bigger than 2.5” diameter often need multiple wicks, which presents a layer of complexity, again varying by fragrance, fragrance load and other typical candle factors. Aiming for a large size in either UC or RC to get to a wide melt pool will cause carbon heading and soot just like all other wicks.   


FIL tec wicks burn very different from other more common wicks. You need to burn a few to figure them out.


In coconut blends, CDN work much more reliably in many more wax combos/fragrances.

if you can get some, give them a try for sure.  You might stumble onto one that works where others don’t. it’s always a good idea to collect different wick series since candle making is a science before an art form. 

swans candle sells some sizes of each line. Supply from other sources has been spotty for a few months.

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