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Scented candles are unique products that have been created over thousands of years and have been improved gradually with the cultural heritage of the peoples of the entire earth. At first, it was a source of light during the darkness, then, they began to be used in all kinds of magical and sacred rituals, their components were constantly improved in order to create an amazing harmony of color, smell, style and design.


scented candles




Aromatic candles are made with candle fragrance oils, which are added during the manufacturing process of the main composition. The concentrated component is diluted or mixed with other odors, creating aroma compositions.

Specialists are involved in the process of creating unique and magnificent scents: perfumers and aroma specialists who develop the most complex formulas of smell so that it is not only released from its base, but also releases its scent notes gradually, harmoniously, softly, and “sounds” unobtrusively. This process is very serious and is practically no different from the art of creating perfumes or compositions for aroma diffusers, interior perfumes or aroma sprays.

The basis of a candle (not only the scented ones) is a well-melting composition, which, under the influence of the high burning temperature of the wick, turns into a liquid state and gradually disappears.



candle wax for aroma candles


Coconut Wax (Apricot Wax) - soft and easy to melt even in sunlight. These kinds of candles are usually made in glass containers, otherwise, they run the risk of becoming liquid and draining quickly if you, for example, put them next to a window.

Beeswax is the simplest and most ancient composition for the candle-making process. Actually, it is not even composition, but a natural product of the vital activity of bees, known to us from the culture of Ancient Egypt. When burned, such a candle already emits a subtle pleasant honey aroma by itself, so this wax is used mainly for “warm” compositions, in order to make harmony.

Soy wax is hard and holds its shape well. This wax is not afraid of temperature changes, so such candles can be seen without additional containers. Candlesticks play a rather decorative role for them. This is the most modern candle composition of all, and no less interesting and deserving of the right to become a frequent guest of your home.

There is another base for candles that carry paraffin. This is an excellent "base" for ordinary candles that you light when the lights go out or for a holiday. Such a base is absolutely not suitable for aroma candles.


There are two important criteria to consider: first of all, you should answer yourself the question: “Why do you need scented candles now?” Your answer will define the right candle for you. Candle manufacturing companies divide their candle collections according to the “functional” criteria:

  • Candle burning time. This is probably the main, numerical value that customers pay attention to. It is always interesting for us to calculate how many pleasant hours we will spend together with our favorite fragrance;
  • Candle weight. As a rule, this value is always directly proportional to the burning time. The greater the weight, the longer the burning time;
  • Candle material or composition. Wax, the percentage of a candle fragrance used in it and other additives are very important for scented candles.
  • Dimensions (height/diameter) and shape. This is more related to the decorative component of the aroma candle, but here, too, everything should be balanced;
  • Candle color. Candle color is also responsible for our perception of a smell. Picking up a pale green candle, we deliberately set ourselves up that when burning it, the smell of juicy grass will “flow” from it, or there will certainly be a mint note.

As a rule, they will definitely ask you in stores “What’s the occasion for buying an aroma candle?” and this is also an important criterion. The aroma can enhance sensations or, on the opposite, kill all pleasant emotions, revive memories or make the further stay in the room unbearable.


For the cold season - use opposite scents. This is an interesting psychological fact: we always want strawberries - in winter, and frosty freshness - on a hot July afternoon. Naturally, this rule does not work on New Year’s Eve. This time of the year, our brain confidently moves us towards coniferous and citrus smells. Except for this time, in winter we often gravitate towards the aromas that fill our home and our soul with warmth: bergamot, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, sandalwood, chocolate, ginger, alcoholic notes. The smell of mulled wine with citrus and cloves is what you need on cold evenings, under a cozy blanket.

candle fragrance for aroma candles


We want coolness during hot weather, so we also subconsciously reach out for sea breezes, an invigorating woody aroma, mint, menthol, violet, amber, and coconut. All the compositions that have fruit and flower scent notes become very popular. Naturally, their smell should not overlap the main tone of freshness but give only a slight aftertaste, at the last stage of release in the aroma composition.

Interior smells – it is important to know which scent is good for every room in the house. For example, calm compositions are taken to the bedroom. All representatives of citrus fruits, mint, and lavender are excellent for the bathroom. By the way, they are also used in spa salons precisely in order to prolong the pleasant sensations from the massage procedures. Invigorating candles are burned in the living room. A kitchen is also a place where you can enhance the taste of food with the help of additional "support". Light a candle with the scent of vanilla when you decide to start baking or “warm up” your appetite with a mixture of spices or hot peppers.

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