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Paint Can Candles

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Has anyone used the mini paint cans for candlemaking with success?  I saw the cutest paint can candles in Tractor Supply yesterday and would love, love to make some for the Farmer's Market this year.  I'm wondering if they are safe if well tested and where I can source ones that won't leak or rust (or is that inevitable?).  

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As with every container, you really need to test the specific ones you intend to use. They can vary wildly by source and lot.

While they should be mostly “leak proof” for thick-ish paint, the heat of a flame may weaken or loosen the seam welds.

The lip on the can will likely create a pretty hot environment, especially in the last half to third of the burn. 

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Sorry for the late reply, but I did test these at one point and found the bigger issue besides heat, was rust. I tested cans from different sources and tested with a variety of fo's. What I found was that they tend to rust very easily and I just couldnt live with knowing that. You may have better luck with whomever you sourced yours from, but I moved on and just stuck with the tin cans most suppliers sell.

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