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I Commend Flaming Candle's Customer Service


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First, whenever I have called Flaming Candle through the years, I get right through. That in itself is a plus, since some companies don't even have a phone number as a way to contact them. And I've read that sometimes customers get no response to emails when trying to contact a company.


The staff person I speak to is always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. A pleasure to talk to.


I called this week to see if I could add an item to my order, which I had placed the night before. She took care of it for me.  Actually it worked out very well, because she had to see if the wick stickers I wanted were in stock. I checked online while waiting and it showed they were out of stock. So if I had remembered to put them on my order the night before, I wouldn't have been able to. I'm glad I forgot. :) (They were in stock; just hadn't been updated yet online.)


I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. I appreciate good customer service!


Now if Flaming Candle would just have a sale once in a while. :) But I have to keep ordering a few FO's from them, because my customers like them so much.





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I've had nothing but positive experiences with TFC thus far. I messed up on my wax orders a couple of times (650 vs 600) and emailed them and they corrected it for me every single time. Now I won't say just how many times I made that mistake bc I'm not about to embarrass myself. :icon_tiptoe::blink::laugh2: I now keep a post it right next to my office laptop 

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