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Beeswax as a replacment for wick stickers

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Hello fellow chandlers -


I recently read on their website that Keap uses beeswax to secure their wicks instead of wick stickers. I reached out to them to see if they'd be willing to share this technique. Their reply was a generic one directing me to Candle Science for candle making tips.


Has anyone heard of this or tried this before? Any ideas on how to do it?

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I wouldn’t trust that at all. (I’m a beeswax person)


Beeswax melts at about 145*F. Candle containers get MUCH hotter than that during the last inch. wicks can, and WILL, slide to the side if the container is not set perfectly level and totally still throughout the burn.

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The other side of this is how hot the wax poured into the container will mess things up .  It’s pretty easy to tug out a wick in a waiting jar since they are under a bit of tension with the wick centered/holder. Warm to hot wax poured from the pot into the container loosens and softens the holding goo whether it’s beeswax or a proper wick sticker. The better the sticker the less we worry about those tabs coming totally loose and floating to the side.

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I’ve had loose, wandering wicks with glue sticks, even the high temp gorilla type. Definitely not reliable with waxes poured hot, like palm and coconut types. I would watch the tabs lift and float 😜 

soy candles would get plenty hot enough at the bottom to loosen and shift. 

A few customers always return containers. It’s educational to see how they end up. I was shocked to see where the wick tab ended up. 

the wick stickers from northstar have been the easiest for my set up. Quick, reliable and easy enough to remove later when recycling containers from tins to glass to ceramic. 


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