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YIKES! Coconut oil price


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Um, yeah.  I’m near Columbus foods (Soapers choice).  My coconut oil price went from $1 a lb delivered to $2.29. More than doubled. Other oils have risen at least that much.  Used to be able to sub palm kernel, but Palm kernel oil has almost tripled and is now about $3 a lb shipped. 
Sooooo happy I’m not do the summer Faire any more. Soap has a price sensitivity, so increasing to that imaginary “too much” resulted in lower overall sales and increased shoplifting. 

waxes are no better. All common waxes are nearing $3 a lb shipped. Beeswax is double that. Don’t get me going about bayberry wax! 

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1 hour ago, NightLight said:

Palm kernel seems to be better than coconut at SC, still pricey though

They do some tricky listing quantities, don’t they? Price is based 30 lbs for coco92, palm kernel and palm kernel flakes,  versus 44 lb pail for coconut 76.

I prefer 76 in soap. It may be anecdotal, but the bars of the same formula made with 76 lather overall better than when made with coco92.

I used PKO flakes in one wax application, and of course they’re higher $ than the poured in the bag PKO stuff. 

We need slick workbooks to continually calculate for final cost per lb.  it’s exhausting 😢

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I'd been playing around a bit with Wooden Wick's hemp soy.  Last time I'd purchased a slab in August, it was $38.95.  Today, it's $53.96, sale priced.  I'm trying to not buy the beeswax coco, since I've been playing around a bit with self-blending something.

I have a different take than most.  Because prices are increasing, this is going to begin limiting the individuals who are making and selling as a hobby--they're going to be priced out soon. Reduced competition can ultimately be a good thing for those who are able to capitalize on market share.


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