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Summer is the favorite season of the year for many people out there. For many, summer is not only a time for vacations, but also a time to make romantic dreams come true. Good weather is perfect to spend an evening outdoors, and summer candles are the right elements to create a cozy and relaxing mood in the fresh air.

Summer is almost here and if you are planning to spend your evenings outdoors or just create attractive and bright summer decorations indoors or outdoors, these inspiring ideas will help you a lot. It is quite possible that the result will be much more spectacular than a visit to a café or resort restaurant. These new tricks will help you make your outdoor party unforgettable. You can even create a spa-like atmosphere, if you want.


  • Marine theme and holiday souvenirs;
  • Fashionable eco-style decorations;
  • Candles with beautiful flowers;
  • Candles surrounded with juicy fruits;
  • Bright summer combinations.


Marine theme candles create a beach, nautical or ocean décor for your home or office. Shells and sand, starfish and pebbles, fish and boats, a combination of blue, blue and white. All these can surround the simplest candles and create a unique and beautiful artistic atmosphere. Each of these décor elements features the calming influences of the ocean.


Creative Ways to Decorate Summer Candles    Creative Ways to Decorate Summer Candles    Summer Candles decorations 2


Summer Candles decorations    Summer-Candles-decorations-3-300x300.jpg    Summer-Candles-decorations-1-300x300.jpg


Summer Candles decorations 4    Summer-Candles-decorations-5-300x240.jpg    summer-candle-decoration-ideas-300x240.j



In addition to sea pebbles and sand, as mentioned above, any natural materials, including leaves, plant seeds, coffee, cereals, can take part in the creation of summer candles compositions. Shaped candles and tealight candles are also perfect for eco-style decoration with candles.


summer-candle-decoration-ideas-5-300x300    summer-candle-decoration-ideas-1-300x300    summer-candle-decoration-ideas-2-300x300


summer-candle-decoration-ideas-9-300x213    summer-candle-decoration-ideas-8-300x225    summer candle decoration ideas 6


summer candle decoration ideas 3    summer-candle-decoration-ideas-7-240x300    summer-candle-decoration-ideas-4-300x225



Candles, combined with flowers, make a gorgeous and romantic atmosphere in the fresh air. Large or small tealight candles make the space cozy and relaxing. Flowers and candles will make your loved ones feel very special. Fresh flower petals floating in the water, combined with tealight candles, look beautiful and offer a romantic holiday mood.


summer candle decoration ideas 11    summer candle decoration ideas 13    summer candle decoration ideas 14


summer candle decoration ideas 12    summer candle decoration ideas 10


summer candle decoration ideas 15    summer decor with candles



Summer colorful fruits are a great addition to any candle. Invitingly shaped, brightly colored, deliciously flavored fruits will give a juicy and summery look to any décor. Pillar candles and floating candles are perfect for this kind of decoration. Pillar candles with some citrusy fruits or berries look very creative and natural. Another option is clear glass vases and bowls with half-filled water and fruits of your choice and floating candles.


summer-decor-with-candles-2-1-300x300.jp    candles-and-fruit-decor-1-300x300.jpg    candles-and-fruit-decor-300x300.jpg


candles-and-fruit-decor-2-273x300.jpg    candles-and-fruit-decor-3-300x175.jpg    summer-decor-with-candles-2-300x225.jpg



A summer picnic evokes a scent of fresh flowers, juicy fruits, a citrus grove with a warm breeze, and a gentle hug. Create a colorful summer atmosphere on a table or in a corner of the house with bright summer candle decorations.


summer decoration with candles    summer decoration with candles 5    summer decoration with candles 8


summer decoration with candles 7    summer candles creative ideas    bright candles decoration


Candles add a romantic atmosphere to any space, indoor or outdoor. They make fantastic centerpieces, go with any décor style, and come in a lot of different sizes, shapes and colors. They’re a very versatile way to add style to an outdoor or indoor space.

Summer is almost here! And this time of the year we start to enjoy life outdoors more, enjoy the benefits of the sun and decorate our gardens and patios. The decoration tends to be more colorful than in any other season and lighter at the same time bringing coziness and the desire to spend more time outside of the home while still feeling homey.

Decorations and lighting are an important part of creating the mood you want for you and for your loved ones. Patio candles, candles decorated with branches of trees, flowers, fruits, plants, and handmade boxes play an important role in decorating exteriors.

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