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Hello friends. I am not a candlemaker by any means. I spent most of the weekend looking up youtube videos to see how I could fix some candles that did not have the wick in the center. It is a job that requires more patience than what I have lol. Anyway, I was pretty proud of myself for trying, the crockpot small ones are good, but I was not successful with the tall ones (that could not be done on the crockpot). The main issue is that the food coloring did not mix in properly and is now liquid in different parts of the candle… I tried to light it, and the wick burned pretty aggressively making a sinkhole quick. This did not happen with any of the other candles. So before I freeze, break up the wax, and try again, I am honestly wondering if it is even possible to fix them. I have attached a link, I hope it works.See video here

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To recenter a wick, I just poke a new hole with a metal skewer or thin screwdriver and push the wick  over to the new hole.

melting a premade candle and recoiling introduces too many production problems to end up with a safe candle at the end. 

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