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Suggestions on wicks.


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Hello, I just purchased a bunch of different vessels and am hoping some of the more experienced memebers may be able to give me some advice on which wicks to start testing with. I tried searching the forum to see if these were previously discussed, I found one but it was a different wax then I use. Im not gery good with navigating this site yet so hope my post isnt a repeat of others.. 

I use 464, and 10%FO I realize that the type of FO will alter the wicks used just hoping for a baseline to start with. Sitting here staring at the vessels and the wick guide from CS is overwhelming...

Ok so the 22oz Libbey apothecary jar

31oz Libbey apothecary jar

22oz Libbey cylinder jar 

14oz Libbey bowl

20.5 Libbey Status 

Any suggestions for starting points would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

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