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Cannabis / Marijuana fragrance oils?

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Hi everyone,

I'm hoping to make some cannabis scented candles and wax melts (as a hobby while I learn from the ground up then maybe sell later on, who knows). I do love the smell of this particular plant and I think it would make a great scent. I have found a couple of "Cannabis" FOs online, and have bought one from a company called "Buychem" but unfortunately on receiving it (I paid £8 GBP for a 10ml bottle!), it smells absolutely nothing like cannabis at all, not even remotely. It smells more like parma violet sweets!

I was wondering if anybody has managed to buy any (preferably here in the UK) FOs that actually smell like cannabis? I realise that getting the scent exactly right is probably not going to be possible due to the nature of what it is, but I'm just looking for something that's as close a resemblance as possible. I found some for a great price from the US seller "CandleScience " called "Hemp Fragrance Oil" that from the reviews looks like it smells great for the job, so I know it's possible. The problem is that this company will not ship their product to the UK.

Does anybody know of any cannabis FOs for sale here in the UK that actually smell like a bit of the old "Texas Tea"?!

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