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Upcoming Aztec changes


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Heads-up, Aztec just sent out this email about upcoming fragrance reformulations ("...we have around 100 fragrances that will be impacted in their formulation slightly...") and bottling size changes ("...tomorrow we will only be offering 1oz and 1lb sizes with discounts on larger volumes...")


Full email: https://email.candlemaking.com/4TCL-GMIA-0F7709DE5A9394AB2B94RBD04C8366E44398DD/cr.aspx 


On a happier note, they introduced four new fragrances earlier this week.


The bottling size changes are rough for me, as a hobbyist only making candles for myself.  For me, "stocking up" means 4oz or 8oz, but I never need a full pound or more.  But I understand how it makes it easier for them to streamline their operations.  And hey, at least they didn't announce that they were being sold to WSP!  😆

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Whaaat??  I kinda get it with the bottles being hard to get but I'm like you...I don't always have the money or the use for a full pound.  That's a big jump from 1 oz to 1 lb.  Wow.  Thanks for the heads up!  I just ordered from them last night and had no idea.

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