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I’m sort of at a loss with my metal pillar molds and was hoping anyone would have some insight. I’ve made pillars plenty of times with these molds with no problems, but lately, they’ve been leaving some frosting/residue on my pillars (photo attached, please ignore the divots on one candle, was having some issues with that one). 

I clean my molds before using, and apply a silicone release spray. I use 4625 paraffin wax and add steric acid (just to aid in releasing, I know this wax already contains additives). I heat up the molds before pouring and then pour at about 190f (88c).  Let cure over night and then release them. This has happened in 4 out of the 5 molds I’ve used the past 3 times. It also leaves a residue on the mold. 

Does anyone know what I can do to prevent this? When I look into this topic, it’s mostly people using soy wax or silicone molds. Is my release spray causing this? 

Thanks so much for any help!


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Just now, NightLight said:

Weather not helping! Try flaming those with heat gun. Should go away. Just do from distance very quickly.

Thank you! That helped! :) Maybe I need to tent them in tin foil to keep them cozy haha. 

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