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Testing Zinc Wicks

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I used to be quite active on here  several years ago but I lost my old account username and password and can't log into that acct so I am using a different acct. I got busy with life and quit making candles & Soaps for awhile.  I have recently realized how much I miss making candles & soaps and am getting into making them again. I quit everything that brought me joy. It's time I start doing them again.


I am starting with new jars and am be using IGI 4627 wax. So far I love that wax 😍. The scent throw is amazing. I had always used Peaks fragrances but bummer, when I went to buy fragrances Peaks is no longer in business! 


Anyway, since I am starting over with new jars and different fragrances I am testing all over again. The jar I am currently using is Lonestar candle company Libby 3 wick hexagon jars. They have a height of 3.5 inches and a diameter of 4 inches. I used peaks cranberry apple marmalade frgrance oil (since I had some left) at 8% fragrane oil per pound of wax. I wicked the jars with 3 44/24/18z wicks. I am about 2 hours into the burn and the wicks are mushrooming and the melt pool is about 1/4 deep. I am told that the mushrooming is caused from the wick using more fuel then it can burn so it forms a carbon mushroom. I hope I am understnding that correctly.


From what I have read if you get mushrooming like this your jar is technically over wicked. I am not so much concerned about the melt pool because this is my second go round with this same jar and same wick and the jar is not getting to hot towards the bottom and the melt pool isn't getting huge. I am mainly wondering about the mushrooming. If that means it is over wicked.


So the next size wick down is a 44/20/18z which I do have. My question is since the middle number in the wick size is 20 verses the 24 in the 44/24/18z wick that I currently have the jar wicked with does that mean that the 44/20/18z is a looser braid?


If so how does that affect the burn? Will it burn through more oil and as a result not be able to burn the oil fast enough and result in even larger mushrooms? 


I am tring to decide if I should go down to the 44/20/18z or if I should go up? If I go up I would think the flame would be larger and the jar hotter.  I guess the zinc wick sizing confuse me. I want to use a zinc wick if I can though.


If there are any zinc wick experts out there can you explain how the zinc wick sizing works to me...me thanks :)









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