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Candles not having and scent?

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I am new to candle making and am curious what my paraffin wax candles are not having a scent after I make them, but before I burn them. I just made some using eucalyptus and lavender, and others using just cinnamon but the candles, after being poured, seem to have no scent whatsoever. I heated the wax to 180-185ish and added the fragrance at the higher end of the scale 1.5oz per pound. 


Any input greatly appreciated.

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Could be a phenomenon referred to as “candle nose”. You are exposed to VERY strong aromachemicals during manufacture that overwhelm sensory receptors.

The fumes from manufacture remain in the air space, and cling to surfaces and fabrics for quite some time.


Over time this can cause notable temporary to permanent loss or distortion of the sense of smell.


if you don’t already, I’d make sure to focus on two things:

1) air quality - exhaust the fumes during and after making candles. plus run an air scrubber in the space continuously removing the latent fumes from the air.

2) a good quality respirator to wear while making candles. 

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