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Blending coconut with paraffin


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Been trying for ages to find the perfect ratio of paraffin , coconut , FO and vybar for my candles. Can anyone help me find the right percentages? Just so frustrated. 

Lately I’ve stuck to 2% vybar , but experimented with 5-9g FO per 100g wax.  
I’ve tried everything from 10-95%coconut wax and vice versa for paraffin but each has downsides. Can’t seem to stop my higher coconut % blends from sweating FO even with Vybar. I add my FO at around 175–180F and pour at around 140F into heated containers. I just can’t seem to get consistent results. Sometimes the hot throw is brilliant but other times I can barely smell anything. Sometimes the tops are super smooth and adhere to the sides well but other times it’s super rippled and coming away at the sides/sinkholes around the wick. 


What am I doing wrong ? What ratios have people found works for them ? Should I give up on blending these 2 waxes ? Is there pre-blended coco-para waxes out there that I haven’t found yet ? What percentage of FO/Vybar to use? Pls someone help 

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That’s a LOT of vybar, for any wax. I’ve not found the need for vybar in any coconut I’ve tried. 

many paraffins can help with texture and melt behavior. I lean toward pillar blends with coconut. 20-30% 

paraffin makes a difference. 

what coconut wax are you using? 

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