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Starting a candle business

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Hey there I am 22 and I'm looking to start my own candle-making business, I had a couple of questions that could help me. I live in the UK and I am unsure on what company to buy my supplies from would anyone here have any recommendations? What kind of fragrances is the easiest to work with? Are there any advantages to using beeswax over paraffin wax? also with wicks better for newer candle makers? I was thinking about using wooden wicks.

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Hello and welcome.  I left this thread alone for a bit to see if any UK members would chime in.


one of the easiest to learn for me was paraffin wax.  It tends to change less from batch to batch than most natural waxes, and has a much shorter cure time than natural waxes. Within 3 days, typically, your candle is settled enough to burn the way it will look and burn months in the future.  

Natural waxes often take weeks to months to reach their full/final state, so they require patience and have a longer learning curve. 


parasoy (a combo of paraffin and soy) is a nice compromise, but still may take a bit longer to cure to final state than plain paraffin. 

I love beeswax, but learned it changes over time much like soy, and will “bloom” with age dulling surfaces. It varies quite wildly from lot to lot / hive to hive. I have to wick test each batch thoroughly. Beeswax is best suited to tapers and pillars given the high temps required to melt and burn the candle. It really shines in tapers, making almost effortless burns when wicked and made correctly.  

in the UK the only place I know of is The Candle Shack. We get a few wick series there that are not available in the Us. 

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Besides candle-shack there are the following candle stores where it is really worth to buy materials:

nicandlesupplies.co.uk (Ireland)
scentssoapsandcandles.co.uk ......

UK has many other candle making stores though. With the right search you will surely find some other stores. 

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