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Can we mix essential oils with fragrance oil???

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Hello everyone


I am new here. 


I had just started making candles last month after about 15 years. I really like essential oils and have tried making some candles with essential oils but the cold throw is quite poor with EO. 

So I have decided to invest on fragrance oils but there are few EO which I feel would go really well with some of the fragrance oils that I like so far so just wanted to double check if its okay to mix them.




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2 minutes ago, TallTayl said:


Just double check the IFRA on each to make sure they are safe for category 9 = candles and non skin contact.


WSP now details oils made with a combo of FO and EO, along with % of EO/Resinous materials.



Thank you so much for your response. 


I was just so confused if it will be okay or not. 


Also, I'll check IFRAs before mixing them.



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