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Why are my silicone molds leaving marks?

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Hi, I just recently got into candle making as a hobby and a good pass time after work. 

I bought an array of molds (plastic and silicone) and have been using soy wax for those. Recently, I’ve realised that not one candle has come out of the silicone molds looking okay? It always seems like a very thin layer of wax stick to the mold, and leaves a weird texture on the candle where it should be smooth and shiny. 
I’ve been keeping my molds super clean, so it’s not like it’s leftover wax from the previous time. 

Does anybody have any tips? At the moment, I feel like half of my molds are unusable :( 

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It sound like you are using container wax versus pillar molded candle wax. Get pillar wax which will release from molds.

Now take your molds and squirt Dawn detergent in and pour boiling hot water in to get rid of residue.

Also make sure you let you candles cool very well before unmolding.

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