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Adding color to the side of a glass jar?

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Hi guys,


I saw a candlemaker online posting these - I'm very intrigued by this and want to recreate. Does anyone know how you would add a separate smear of color like this to the side of a container?  Can you just paint dye on the side of your candle like that?


Hope someone can help :)



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I tried something similar several yrs ago for a wedding favor.  I used a higher melt point wax that was colored, smeared on sides where I wanted it, cooled for a full day and then used my low mp soy with no dye at a slushy stage to fill the jars.  IDK that I'd ever do it again, lol.  It was a lot of work but I was pleased with the result.

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You can do it. It will take time to perfect but a couple of ideas come to mind. 


1) Drop dye into a slushy mix, stir once or twice, pour and heat glass to get rid of air bubbles.

2) Dip some chunks of wax into dye (or smear dye on them), place into container near the edges and pour wax.

3) Fill containers with hot wax and take a chopstick or something pointed, dip into dye and then draw on the sides of your glass. 

4) Fill container with chunks, but so full that the chunks would show at the top, try to drop small amounts of dye near the outer portion of the candle, fill with wax. 

5) Anything similar might help give the effect. 

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