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Sample labeling

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When labeling a sample for sale, as opposed to giving away, does the net weight still need to be there since it is a sample size? I would think yes since it's being sold, but I wanted to see how it's really suppose to be done. 

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2 hours ago, TallTayl said:

I just write something like, “sample, not labeled for sale”.


marie Gale (the expert on labeling for cosmetics) probably has something to say about it. I’ll look if I stumble over her book in my shop. 

I keep seeing her mentioned in a lot of old posts. I'm gonna have to search online and find some things to read up on. 


About the samples....although I'll be throwing samples in with orders, they will also be for sale. That's why I was asking about putting a weight on the label. I'm assuming I need to since it will be an item for sale also. I just wanted to see if it's a necessity. 

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I'll label it with the weight just to be safe. Not like I'll have to go way out of my way to do it. It'll be part of my lineup as a "single-serve" sort of trial size like you said. I just need to relax. I'm starting to ask some really stupid questions that I already know the answers to. I guess once in a while I just need reassurance that I'm on the right path. I'm just making myself crazy lol. 🤪

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