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Hello from Toronto!


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Hi everyone,


I am so excited I found this website and forum. It was definitely serendipity!


Here goes my introduction:

What's your name? Ana

How old are you? 40

Where do you live? Toronto, Canada (hoping to meet other Torontonians 😀)

How long have you been making candles/soap/whatever? Haven't started yet; still in the getting supplies process. I dream of a big scents empire haha but my first product will be luxury loose incense

How did you get started making candles/soap/whatever? I actually wanted to learn how to make candles and start the business that way. When I realised how expensive it was (and how little money I had), I decided to start with something more within my "investment budget"

Are you married? Any kids? No and no

If candle/Soap making isn't your primary job, what do you do? I currently work part-time as a sales associate and part-time in customer service (the second one not happening right now due to COVID-related closures). But I am looking for a full-time, professional job where I can use the skills from my profession which is migration law

Anything else we should know? Mmm...can't think of anything 😅


See you around!

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Hi there from Australia, and welcome!

Sounds as though you are starting small and slow which is a great way to get into this craft. I am sure that there are some other Canadian's around the forum, who may pop their heads in in due course.

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Hi Ana and welcome!! I just got started about 9 months ago with melts and still in the testing phase. So there are a few newbies around here. If you are willing to take it all in and research this forum as much as you can, you will learn so much! If you run into problems, you more than likely will be able to research the same problem here and troubleshoot. I swear if I hadn't found this forum in the beginning stages of my testing, I'd probably still be working with the same wax and oils wondering either why I can't get any hot throw or why the scent doesn't last long. Then if you stick around, you'll find yourself helping someone also. It's a wonderful, drama-free place to be!

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