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Palm wax candle wick trim question and other

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I have some container palm wax for a project and decided to make just palm candle. Trimmed candle to 1/4 inch lit candle but flame jumped very high! Do you trim shorter for palm as it burn down then out?  This was alarming to me.

Also there seemed to be separation line at bottom versus top. I’m a palm newbie so can this be avoided by heating glass, cooling differently?

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Palm is a different  isn’t it? Shocking how tall the flames start out before they settle. Kind of like a mccalls candle. I tend to go pretty short when lighting for  first time. On later burns the flare tends to not last long. 


then as it burns a little shelf will form that fixes itself after a while.

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As TallTayl suggested, palm does behave quite differently to other waxes. We find that the first burn is usually quite a large flame, however post that it should settle down to something much more reasonable, sometime even to the point when it gets further down the container you might wonder if you have underwicked.

Palm also generally looks as though it is tunneling, which again is pretty standard, and by the time the burn has fully completed to the base of the container, any hang should have caught up, and you should have pretty clean sides.

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