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Wickler can't get It wicked right :')


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Dear Fellow Chandlers..


Im stuck.. 

After Reading almost every discussion on the net.. I hope someone could shed some light onto my candle advanture :)



A 2,9" wide, 2,5" height, glas jar. 

Veg Blend: Soy-rapeseed&coco. (C-3, Elite 600; Cargill)

Scent: 5÷ Fo, by weight. 

Wicks: CD-Eco-Lx. "From Candle-Shack (UK): CL,-TB,- V-series by Wedo,- "VRL(CSN)"), -BWR by Schreiber.


Melt: 180~ F

Fo added at: 160~ F

Pour: 130~ F 


Cure Time: 14-21 days approx.



Well, the problem.. Wicks, who doesn't have wick problems 🥲 


Im kinda stuck between performance and safety in wick land. 


The Mushroom; 


Mushrooms, tasty, but unfortunately I rather not find them inside my jars haha..

Above, are the Wicks I have used and tested, under and overwicked. 

Almost every size available has been tested, Just so im aware of what each size and wick type does and how they perform inside this blend.(these are the wick types im able to get my hands on in Europa)


The blend: Elite 600 is a Rapeseed&Coco blend, its a harder wax, It comes close to Palm in the way It performs.

C-3, is C3.. doesn't need explanation. 

Why blend c-3? Well.. wicking Elite 600 on its own.. is Impossible, atleast for now.. the wicks available; are not able to perform Well with this wax. 

Its a high viscous wax, slow burning with a U-shape Melt inside the jars.

So because rapeseed is a harder wax overall, I blend it with c-3 in a 30/70 composistion. 30÷C-3/70÷E-600.


Its a single pour blend, adhesion is great.. No cracks, frosting? Under 130F pour temp it doenst frost at all.(jars are pre-heated to 85F)


Well now.. the problem: 

Hot throw, is good, with; CL - TB - V-Series, - VRL(CSN) 


But.. which on is better? Well.. each wick type gives its own swing to the table in terms of scent throw.

TB and CL:- throws less Off the High notes inside the FO-compositions" 

V-: gives a Noticeable fracture to the scent( its a special woven wick with catalytic metal)

VRL(CSN):- This.. is An amazing wick, burns quiet hot! The scent throw, is absolutely holy.. Because it really throws the scent as pure as you could get. With high-mid-base balanced..


So whats the point? 

Well.. mushrooms.. 


The VRL(CSN): upon the second hour it starts to produce some small carbon build Up, takes the flame for a dance once in a while, but still above acceptable! 3-4 hour; a clear mushroom, Not a giant, but a Noticeable butterfly, beside that: it likes to Flicker upon the 4 hour. And thats beyond acceptable in my view...

Meltpool: Good/reached, just before it starts to become a beautiful butterfly..


CL: ok, wick by Candle Shack, likes to dance after an hour, hot throw is oke, but aint amused.

Likes to produce a shroom after the 3 hour, a nice Football.


TB: Takes a while before its lit, burns oke, hot throw slightly better then the CL, much more high notes Noticeable.

Likes tot dance after a while, but nothing spectaculair.. a really small carbon build Up after the 3 hour, and on power burns this doesn't change by much. ( Approved for use ) 


V- : oke, but can't get it to melt all the wax.. doesnt develop any shroom. Scent throw, less then the CL. 


So, oke, you found your Wick: TB, congratz.. Well, this wick is ok, but has its flaws; trims ashes in to the wax, which is a slight dissapointment.. and it just doesnt throw and elevate the scent as pure as the VRL(CSN) Wick.


My question; 


Could anybody provide me with their opinion on what they would do and or could..

I would like to stick to a Veg-Blend, and if possible, get the "CSN" to work for my advanture.. but I just can't come up with a solution..

FO load has been played with, this doesnt seem to affect the wick in any way.. 

As VRL(CSN) wicks are made to perform inside Palm wax.. I suspect making the blend more Soy like will give me no luck..

But maybe some of you guys dissagree? 

What could I add or change inside this blend? Or do I just have to give up on the "CSN" wicks because I dont use Palm inside the blend? And if.. to what percentage would you recommend using it?



Thank you all in advance for your time and afford to help me out :)


Kind Regards: 





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