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ETSY - Payment Reserve


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Just noticed this in my account the other day.  





Payment reserve

To help you cover unexpected charges or refunds, 75% of the funds you earn from each order will be reserved in your payment account for 45 days from the date of sale, or until your order ships with tracking info. This money is yours and will be available for deposit after the reserve period (minus any fees or charges).




I get it, it does make sense....   It is more to protect them.  If someone does not ship a product it is much easier to do a refund if there is money in that account.



But just a way for them to hold on to our money just a bit longer and collect a little more interest on it before sending it our way.  

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That was implemented for new shops or shops that have some sort of policy violation, wasn’t it? I think last year was problematic during  “everybody’s gonna launch a new shop during lockdown” phase. loads of shops were not able to follow through and actually ship stuff leaving Etsy holding the financial bag for a load of customer refunds.

Will a reserve be placed in my Payment account?

In accordance with the Etsy Payments Policy, reserves are placed on accounts based on different risk factors, such as, but not limited to, if you recently made your first sale on Etsy or have received a communication from our Trust & Safety team for a policy violation. 

How do I know if there’s a reserve in my account? 

You’ll be notified by email if a reserve is placed in your Payment account. To see the details of the reserve: 

  1. On Etsy.com, go to Shop Manager. 
  2. Go to Finances
  3. Go to Payment account.
  4. Review the Payment account reserve section (you’ll only see this if you have a reserve). 

Or, under Shop advisor, look for a notification saying We’ve placed a reserve on your payment account. Next to the notification, click Learn more

Here, you’ll see the amount that is currently being reserved, as well as the minimum reserve amount that will be kept in your Payment account. 

This reserve will be removed from your account in 90 days, unless there are additional policy infractions with your account.

If you’re a Star Seller, a reserve won’t be put on your account, but we’ll reach out to you if there are issues or risk factors you need to address. We reserve the right to place a reserve on your account if you’re a Star Seller and we determine that a reserve is required, in accordance with the Etsy Payments Policy

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Etsy wants to make sure your orders get shipped out before releasing money. If you have a huge number of orders sitting and not being filled right away they will do this.

They had issues with sellers during pandemic not filling orders, and or filling them months after getting orders in.

It seems you have many orders not shipped out! I would review your production methods so this orders can ship pronto. It will be better for your business, if you can speed things up. Holiday time you should anticipate what will sell and have those products ready to go.

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