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Replacement for RE Body & Room Spray base

Dirt Roads

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I was buying this in the 40 pound jugs, getting a couple at a time.     Noticed shipping being put back so I quickly grabbed a large enough order to get through Christmas in the 7 pound containers.   It was slightly more expensive.  The 40 pounds was about 3.12/lb plus shipping, which I shipped with large order of wax so it ran less than 10% of amount.


Now. it's $7.30 for 16 fl ounces and you can only buy 4.   Not sure how long the limit of 4 applies.   And the price is 2x more plus more shipping.


Any suggestions here?  


I will say that the company was extremely nice and called me to cancel my back order of 4 drums and credited my pay pal immediately.   I had this ordered for several months and I was pleased with the way they handled the cancellation.   Something about a government change in regulations about shipping this.    I do need a replacement in a similar price point if possible.   They told me on the phone I could only buy 4 at a time.   This won't be worth doing.

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