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Hi everyone, 


I've been making candles for a few months now and I'm having trouble with my HT. 


Anyone else making natural candles no paraffin or soy?  I have a great CT and a great burn, no soot, nice even burn, but the HT is weak. 


I'm using a coco and rapeseed  blend  with essential oil blends and a cotton and veg coated wick in a 78mm jar.  


Any recommendations for a veg coated wick?


🙏 thanks x

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Often that points to one (or a combo) of:

wick selection

fragrance pooling toward the lower part of the candle as it cools

a fragrance that is not optimal for your wax

a fragrance that is not optimal for candles

usage rate.


the easiest to check at this point is wick. Your chosen wick might not get to the right temp range to throw t combo of wax and FO. 
just guessing from the rapeseed wax I’m guessing you are in the Uk? What wicks do you have access to? 


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