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First pour in over 7 years

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Feels so good after 7 years to be pouring once again.  Here are a couple of pics of the first pour (apart from the testers done a few weeks ago), getting ready for our first market this coming Saturday, and then one more before Christmas. Easing in to start and will test further scents and some pillars over the Christmas / New year break in preparation for 2022.





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Hi Belinda


These are done with Glass Glow Palm. We are quite unique here in Australia doing the Mid West Prim style (which most Aussies just don't get)


Here is a picture from 7 + years back of the completed product. We no longer put the rusty stars on - too difficult to get here and adds to the overall cost.





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Thanks TallTayl, we love the look of them and the fact that we can recycle.


Well so much for my desire to only do the tins.  Came across some jars today that I happened to like, so bought a couple and have already poured some testers.  I guess I just cant help myself. Oh well here we go again...........

Tracy will start on some pillars after Christmas. I guess once you get on the roller coaster it is very difficult to get off.....

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Hey Candybee - thanks! :)

Did a small local market this past weekend.  Not great, but then again everyone was saying how quiet it was.  We have to face the fact that having moved interstate we are starting totally from scratch once again, so need to get ourselves established over the next 6 - 12 months I suspect.

Seems more difficult this time, which all the raw material costs having increased along with shipping. The one win is that markets down here are cheaper per table to attend and there are so many markets to select from, so if one does not work for a few months, we can always try a different one.

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6 hours ago, NightLight said:

Love the look, though bow fire hazard. Do you seal the inside to prevent leaks as cans don’t look seamless.

Palm must work well with your weather.

Nightlight - we always encourage customers to remove the gingham prior to lighting the candle for safety reasons. These are recycles steel cans, and yes they do have a seem, however because of the way that the tins are we have never had one leak across extensive testing as well as customer feedback.


Palm works very well for us down here.  It is a little different here in Tasmania, as it is generally cooler all year, but when we were on the mainland and making both Palm and say candles, summer was hell! All of the best markets were in December when it was regularly 100+ degrees, so you can imagine the fun with soy (GW 464) at outdoor markets :)

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